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Brand New LED Hair Extensions!!


Do You Love Style?

Want The Hottest New Fashion?

Love Compliments & Attention?

If you said YES then you can't miss this. Brand New LED Fiber Optic Hair Extensions! Simply clip in your hair, flick the switch and away you glow. The luminous fibers can be curved to match dozens of hairstyles and only limited by your imagination. Perfect for all occasions and there is no age limit! 

  • Brand New & High Quality
  • Batteries Included, Ready To Go
  • Multiple Colors
  • Length 13.8 inches / 35 cm
  • Get ALL 6 Special and SAVE!

Choice of Color for 1 or 3 piece packs not available, it will be a surprise! 

*Please note we are offering FREE global shipping for limited time and depending which part of the world you live in delivery may take a few weeks, so don't panic it is on its way :)

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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